What Shall I Write? Personal Letters for All Occasions

Front cover of What Shall I Write? Personal Letters for All Occasions
What Shall I Write? Personal Letters for All Occasions

What Shall I Write? I don’t know how to say it! That’s been every one of us at one time or another. Finally, help has arrived. You don’t have to chase down your friends at nine o’clock at night to help you put something together before tomorrow morning’s mail pickup.

Does panic set in when you need to pen an apology, make an awkward announcement, maybe send a Get Lost! note?  Have you been trapped into accepting an assignment someone else cheerfully volunteered you for, and you absolutely don’t want to do it? Ever wondered how to congratulate someone you secretly resented?  Or how to wish someone well, even though their accident might just have been their own fault?

Even in this age of e-mails, you still need the words! And they don’t always spring to mind when needed. Whether English is your first language or not, the examples in this mostly lighthearted book will get you started. Obviously, you won’t find every possible scenario represented. No one wants to plow through an encyclopedia, just to get help with a paragraph or two. But, if need be, you can adapt the wording of many of the letters to suit your own situation.

“The art of letter writing is a dying one. It is nice to see someone carry on the tradition…. This book’s examples are concise and very easily adapted to fit any occasion.”

 Writer’s Digest judge

“… a remarkable book on how to write personal letters for all occasions. It also requires a sense of humor and is a ‘must have’ if you need a handbook in what to write, how to state it and what to remember to put in the letter. Author Shirley Ann Parker writes about all kinds of letters from announcements, apologies, asking a favour, cancellations, complaints, get-lost messages, get well, goodbye, and even letters to Santa Claus. 

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