A Satisfying Genealogy Conference

People came from all over the country, not just from Southern California, to attend this 42nd annual event. The conference is run entirely by volunteers and represents a humongous investment of time and effort and dedication. Of course, a few glitches crept in but there was so much to learn and so many speakers willing to teach about research in many countries, early photography, publishing family histories, blogging, live podcasts, and much more.

Next year I hope to attend the pre-conference Writer’s Day, even if I have to give up part of the main conference to do so. (Budgets nowadays are tight for almost everyone.)Writing a family history is walking the proverbial minefield of angry relatives, most of whom will not appreciate or agree with what you put down for the world to see. But if you feel the need to do so, I’ve gleaned clues that it is not like any other form of writing. However it still needs to be professionally written and edited! So learn from those who have done it and those who publish hard cover books for them.

Check out http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/ for more information.

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