Against Critical Race Theory or CRT

Critical Race Theory is trying to fix long-standing problems in society but is going about it all wrong and beware — of course, it has its own Marxist agenda! Here is the link to the California Department of Education and to the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Other links are on the CDE website but you’ll have to search for everything else.

Marxism originally pitted class against class but today it’s pitting race against race. They’re also wedging white folks between the minorities, so the latter have less chance of achieving the decent life they’re working hard to attain by not being able to join forces with other oppressed people. CRT is not the way to continue building our bridges between races or ethnicities and it’s definitely not the way to heal deep, ugly, festering wounds!

A Little History

Ample documented evidence exists to prove white people have indeed been the oppressors and minorities are still the oppressed. Both sides are now the pawns of Extremist groups at both ends of the spectrum. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about Fascism either! The U.S. Government kept those WWII Internment Camps in place for a reason and it wasn’t just as a tourist attraction.


Also, see: for oppression of Asian and Pacific Islander groups.

You don’t need to be an ABA member to take either of the 21-Day Civil Rights Challenges but please note that a few resources ask you to sign up for a subscription after reading one or two articles. These include some newspaper websites. However, there is plenty of other substantive material available in the suggested reading.

And yes, black Africans sold neighboring tribes into slavery and the leaders of Bangladesh, China, India and many more countries still enslave their own people by paying abysmal wages today. Even so, the European empires, including British (my own heritage), Dutch, French, German and Spanish enslaved millions of people for a century or more.

People are still being “marginalized,” even if some of us prefer different terminology. Just ask the LGBTQ+ community, who finally got fed up and made themselves visible to us, if not entirely welcome in some segments of society.

Trying to Avoid Leaving

California has already mandated that CRT now be taught in all school grades. Some are claiming it isn’t mandatory but if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Arkansas to sell you.

The CA Department of Education’s first target is our high school students who now won’t be able to graduate unless they take a required ethnic studies class. Thus, “fireworks” are pending if parents truly want to fight back.

Many of our ticked-off California parents would probably move to Utah instead, except that Utahns don’t want any of us there! Neither do Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. Not to mention Montana, Colorado and Texas. For one thing, they’re mad because in their minds, we’ve screwed up their home prices.

Truly, some places with homes for sale today also have a sign that displays the red “prohibited” circle across a silhouette of the state of California. Here’s a sticker from back in 2015 from a place in Oregon but they’ve hated us since the 1970s at least. Much as I used to love California, I can’t disagree with any of those sentiments today, given what we have allowed ourselves to become, but really, people, are you so perfect yourselves? I am so not interested in moving to Oregon, where some of the states recently voted to secede to Idaho anyway.

The only non-legal path we can follow is to get ourselves back into the center of politics and select only the good aspects of each major political party, while praying for someone with gravitas and stature to start a new party that is stronger than any of the existing fringe parties. And it wouldn’t hurt in the slightest for all of us to get back to reading our holy scriptures on a daily basis. God is well aware of the countless times we ignore Him and think we’re smart enough to figure it all out ourselves. We can’t!

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