Doing it Right

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Likewise, our bank promptly processed my check guarantee card application but lost my husband’s. He filled out another form for me to take back to the bank’s apologetic employee and will continue to wait in hope. His alternative is to keep living without what many merchants insist on seeing before they accept a check. And “experts” wonder why so many people charge their purchases. Naturally, with the increase in fraud, they frequently now ask to see your driver’s license, if your credit card doesn’t have your photograph on it.

Turning to things medical. Six weeks ago, I ordered bifocal eyeglasses with a light tint (Gray #1) to cut glare from indoor lighting. The lab manufactured the lenses as trifocals. The order was resubmitted. The lab then manu­factured the glasses as bifocals with Gray #6 coloring, a much darker shade. I am still waiting for the prescription to be filled correctly.

Trying to get numerous legitimate medical claims paid has been an exercise in massive futility and frustration over a ten month period. With one exception, every claim submitted to the health insurance company was processed incorrectly or not at all. Only notification of serious intent to file a lawsuit finally got corrective action from a senior official in the company. However, we are still waiting for the largest reimbursement to be sent to us.

It isn’t just the insurance side of it that has been alarming. Once a highly-delicate medical procedure was almost performed on me without my being given allergy-suppressant medication during the preceding 24 hours. A previous test had revealed my allergic reaction to the proposed contrast agent and there was a note to that effect in my file. Only my reminding the attending nurse of my allergy at the last moment prevented a possible disaster. I fully realize that medical personnel are overworked but at least one someone in a position of responsibility should have checked my file the day before. No one did.

Two major surgeries, though competently performed, have left me with unpleasant side effects, the likelihood of which was not explained in advance. My medical history indicates that I face at least one more possible surgery, for a condition unrelated to the others, at some time in the future. I should recuperate beautifully, according to the latest physicians. They’ve got to be kidding. With everything else that’s been happening, I’m cheerfully going to put myself in harm’s way again? I would first like to feel confident that doing it right does indeed matter.

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