Can We Agree On At Least One Thing, Even Two?

At such a heartbreaking time in our country, it’s been hard to write positively about many things. It’s been taking a lot more effort, both here and elsewhere online. Yet there are those who seem oblivious to what’s going on and are only intent on making life miserable for their neighbors, as they always have. Naysayers are rather like cockroaches. Every community has them and they invade our own homes if there’s a crack somewhere.

  • Perhaps the troublemakers can’t stand it when certain neighbors never put their trash bins away until the day before they’re supposed to put them out again? And maybe people then have limited parking on the street.
  • Or a different set of neighbors puts their trash bins out at 4 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. on the proper day?
  • Or someone needs to keep new grass seed and fertilizer wet for the first 12 days, yet can’t because the ignorant, vindictive neighbor doesn’t know it has to be kept wet, both to sprout and to keep from burning up.
  • Or those neighbors down the block are having yet another birthday party or quinceanera? How many relatives do those people have, anyway?

Can we agree that our nation is literally being torn apart by domestic terrorists of more than one stripe, starting from long before the November elections? We are in deep emotional pain, suffering from betrayal on all sides. We are in shock from the terror we witnessed in the Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6.

Those people didn’t speak or act for us, even though we are the same racist nation we have always been, deep down, if not always on the surface. They took things too far; they crossed the line of decency and sacred respect for all life. Justice awaits them. Thanks be to God they didn’t succeed with their hideous plans for assassination of our elected leaders. It doesn’t matter whether we like our leaders or not. Assassination is NOT the American way, not at home.

Can we also agree that in Los Angeles County, our neighbors are dying at the rate of hundreds/day, or 10 per hour at last report from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, just from Covid-19?

Given this truly dire state of affairs, can we agree we need to focus on pulling together, even praying for each other and our community?

Instead, some are the archetypal spiteful neighbor who, after years of doing so, still runs around the neighborhood with her camera, taking pictures of whatever she deems to be an infraction of a temporary law? And then she calls another neighbor who marches down the middle of the street with his cellphone just minutes later, taking photos of whatever she has told him about? Given that he’s coming up on an almost blind curve no matter which direction he walks, the odds of his getting hit by an out-of-control or drug-high driver are quite high.

Neither has the full facts on anything, but apparently, reporting their neighbors to the “authorities” is how they get their jollies. They would likely fit in nicely in any country where people are struggling under a communist regime of tattletales. But this is the USA. We don’t live that way here, thank you very much.

We have serious, massive problems to solve, if we are to survive to see our country reach the destiny God had planned for it at one point in our mortal lives. Let’s start using the brains God gave us in pursuit of something that eases the suffering of humanity instead of endlessly stirring the pot of hatred and throwing in every shriveled root of pettiness we can scrounge up. It may make us feel oh, so important, but we’re not. God loves everyone equally, as His son or daughter, but He doesn’t like a lot of the things we do.

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