Can We Remain Silent Amid the Chaos?

Do we cower in fear like most of Congress is doing while our nation is being torn apart? Do some of us support The Party like robots instead of searching the individual’s behavior? Actions do speak much louder than words, though there is nothing mightier than the pen to instigate change.

Like millions of you, I’ve watched in stunned amazement for months as our nation implodes, doing so slowly and in small ways at first but with increasing rapidity and force. Termites have taken over in our nation’s capital, gnawing their way through the Constitution of the United States as though it were a lunchtime snack of balsa.

There should be no loyalty to any organization, belief, or political party when it is taking us down the road of dictatorship, cruelty to its own citizens, ignorance and suppression of opposing viewpoints, environmental stupidity, daily proof of coarseness, aggression, rabid nationalism, greed, civil war, and eventual annihilation.

Fascism has a face as ugly as communism and that’s what is staring us in the face yet again in these times. There is always a middle road when good people speak up and stand up. There is only obliteration of a people and a nation when they do neither.

That doesn’t mean we all have to march in protests. Many of us don’t have the health or the courage to do either. In addition, news reports of police brutality in our own communities are enough to deter us from taking that type of action. God bless those who physically stand up for the moral and civil rights of the human race without disrespecting the symbols of our great land! And God bless those who speak out against the disgusting sexual abuse of women and girls that has been pandemic in our world for centuries!

When law enforcement successfully weeds out the rotten apples in their midst that turn ordinary citizens against them, perhaps the option of all partaking in peaceful protest can be revisited. There is nothing more vile than a rogue officer. He shames his family, his uniform, his partners, his Chief, and in fact, the entire roster of peace officers, something it can take years to overcome. In the meantime, innocent men and women in uniform endure the unwarranted suffering and disrespect such a jerk causes.

At very least we can put our money where our mouth is. Like me – and unless you’ve had your head in the sand lately – you’re bombarded daily with almost more requests for political donations than you get for worthy charities always in desperate need of your help. Surely that tells you something about the downfall of this nation?

For too long, the powerful, the wealthy, and the Ivy League-educated have been running the show and where has it brought us? Now it is our turn. Maybe we can go stuff envelopes for the next campaign. If you can’t get out of the house, choose a couple of political fundraising causes and contribute what you can, as often as you can.

Like all fundraisers, they will of course ask you for more and/or to donate monthly. Give them $5; they ask for $10 next time. Give them $35; they ask for $75. Be careful. Few of us have the funds to continually donate, since we have our own families and needs to care for. But if we do nothing, we will not have either.

Yes, God knows what is happening and why. But He gave us a brain for a reason! Religious freedom will be the first freedom to go under the current downhill slide. Please don’t continue to sit in numb silence while our world is being destroyed. Do something now and get ready for the political onslaught that is coming. 2018 will be a vicious year in politics.

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