Discoveries: A Journey Through Life

The stories in Discoveries: A Journey Through Life are the result of only a few of the fascinating discoveries I’ve made along the journey of life so far. I’ve seen much of the good and some of the evil of which humanity is capable. But these works of fiction represent no more than a fraction of what has already happened in my life. For the most part I choose to dwell on the good and the mysterious rather than linger upon that which only depresses the human spirit.

I anticipate more discoveries ahead, for perhaps the greatest mystery of all is how individuals keep going in the face of every imaginable hurt and wrong that has been done to them.

In spite of this amazing resilience of the human spirit, some people only keep going because they are fueled by anger, by hatred, by a misperceived need for revenge. They haven’t yet realized that the basic law of the universe is retribution. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and no one escapes the results of those choices, good or bad. Hopefully, we will all decide to choose the good and look Up, not Down. Those who lie, steal from, manipulate or oppress those around them will trip over their own snares and eventually become as nothing unless they sincerely repent. Those who live off the industry of others or who enslave themselves to poor practices will likewise stay trapped unless they turn to the Savior of the world and ask for help and forgiveness, as we all must do.

To quote an ancient European proverb: The wheels of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine. It is difficult to rescue those who won’t turn away from evil so they can avoid retribution. How much better to let our eternal spirits soar. The universe will claim its own. The rest of us, if faithful, will return with honor to our Heavenly Father from whom we came, ready to continue our journey through the eternities yet to come.

From the tenderness of Old Man Shever and Storm in the Meadow, through the betrayal of A Hollow Pretense, to the affirmation of faith in Such an Invitation, and the magical realism of The Figure at the Fountain, these stories portray the many facets of the human experience. There is indeed a mind, body, spirit connection. These stories explore some of that which is most important in life — our relationships to those around us and the circles of our reach. We are each a child of God, with obligations to honor our stewardships wherever we have been planted for our sojourn on earth. These stories are not for any specific denomination but are for those who treasure humanity.

None have the right to impede the progress of others. And only the increasingly vulnerable Wandering Albatross (and its cousins) has the God-given right to travel far and wide for many thousands of miles, returning only occasionally to revisit its lifelong mate and to reacquaint itself with its chick. The rest of us are under obligation to stay connected to our families and friends when they will let us. If they reject us and we have done only what we thought was best, with no ulterior motive, our hands are clean.

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