Every Good Work is God’s Work

People sometimes chide me for expending my writing talents on “worldly” topics instead of on God’s work.

That stings a little but I may be the bearer of bad tidings:

  • First, I don’t get paid for blog posts but other than that, writing is how I earn a living. It’s what I do to pay the mortgage and put bread on my table. I don’t always like what I’m assigned to do – it’s often tedious – but it’s always designed to help our customers.
  • Second, every good thing comes from God and every good thing we do is God’s work!

That doesn’t mean we can break the Ten Commandments or any of the “lesser” laws every time we turn around. The end doesn’t always justify the means. But when, for example, some of the biker gangs do their annual charity ride aimed at protecting abused children or donate to other charities, you can’t convince me that’s all a bad thing. Of course, we have to be cautious, because the police certainly are wary of biker groups, but we can’t be so judgmental that we think it’s always dirty money. I’m sure there are places who wouldn’t accept it but most are grateful for the help.

If you haven’t yet been caught in a biker charity ride, it’s quite surreal to be driving on the freeway with hundreds of growling bikes all around you! It’s even a bit scary, looking at the backs of those jackets.

There are many good things happening in this world every day. If there weren’t, God would have already destroyed the earth in His anger. I fear some men/women with evil intent have already tested Him almost as far as they can go. God’s love for His children is infinite. His patience is not.

Ethically challenged people (to be politically correct, which I hate being) are greedy, dishonorable, immoral, have zero compassion for those they supposedly represent in our nation’s capital city, and have hearts of stone. If they ever had the ability and the will to do good works, they’ve lost their way now.

Even so, we can’t shove goodness down the throats of others. I sometimes wish we could force-feed people so they would at least consider changing their ways. But God doesn’t work that way. God will force no man to Heaven (Know Then That Every Soul is Free).

It makes no difference who it is, and we don’t much care what it is. Whatever your topic, you could try again after you’ve learned some manners and practiced a modicum of etiquette when I disagree with you. If I persist in disagreeing, just walk away! Contention isn’t good. It comes from God’s enemy, Satan.

I’d like to think everyone will keep doing the good things they’re already doing while looking for more kind things they can do for others in this frightening world – with no strings attached. Nothing has to be huge or expensive! Every good thing equals another drop of oil in our lamps so they’ll be lit and we’ll be ready to meet our Savior when He returns. Every good work is God’s work.

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