Facebook Has Become Wearisome

This will not be news to many of you, unless you only post family pictures and other “pretty” things. For those of us who think Facebook should serve an honest place in society in exchange for the virtual real estate and time it occupies in our lives, we’re just about done with their biased restrictions.

Even when I do post positive material publicly, which I frequently do, the chances are slim that FB’s algorithms will accept anything that says “God” or “Heaven” or other Judeo-Christian terms in it. In fact, I can’t remember the last time they made such a post available for viewing by other viewers!

I would very much encourage you to watch the following beautiful Gospel music video by a Christian group other than my own. We need to appreciate truth wherever it is found.

And here is the story behind the writing of this beautiful song:

For those of you who might be wondering, I rarely post on my website these days. Most of my writing appears on Medium, with occasional posts elsewhere.

God Bless!

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