I Don’t Want to Be Tone-Deaf But….

Not to write about the tragedies befalling this nation and the vicious forces tearing it apart would seem tone-deaf, and we have too much of that already in this world. By that, I mean too many people are grossly insensitive to the impact their remarks will have on a specific audience, especially due to any recent events impacting other people, such as the crisis at our southern border or the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

That said, our minds can only handle a limited amount of the trauma that explodes in our faces on a daily, even hourly, basis. I will, therefore, tread lightly and not go into detail.

Why Doesn’t God Stop All This?

I wish I knew why Heavenly Father hasn’t stepped in and put an end to all the violence and the cruelty and the overall lack of humaneness and lack of caring in this world. His lack of intervention makes Him seem indifferent, even though He knows everything that’s going on. He is only willing to look upon us through a curtain as we defy His commandments on an hourly basis, but He’s well aware of what’s happening!

Making this next comment won’t help those who are suffering from the evils of society right now, yet eventually, the vicious will have exhibited proof of their wickedness, cruelty, vulgarity and profanity beyond any doubt. God will then have no hesitation whatever in condemning them to an eternity of hell, whether hot or cold.

Some of Us Are Beyond Just Being Ignorant

At this point, we are drowning from our years of belligerence regarding:

  • Anyone who doesn’t just spout their parents’ beliefs that would have matched our own
  • Our own refusal to pull ourselves away from political extremism of all types
  • Our denials of the obvious about the pandemic and global warming (with more to come).

Speaking of the climate, I once read a troll’s comment on the Internet: “You people are so stupid. God has nothing to do with the weather!” 

Sigh. Just who do you think created the weather in the first place? Who set up all the physical laws that control our existence? The fields of physics and mathematics, chemistry, the north and south poles of a magnetic field, the extremes of weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and typhoons, the wonders of computers, etc. etc. All elements are under His control, even the bleatings of trolls whom He will tolerate for a time.

Humanity has discovered and rediscovered those laws over centuries, and of course, it is our own corporate greed and “leadership’s” lack of foresight that has created global warming.

The Despair of the Wicked

In the Holy Bible, you will find it informative to spend some time in the Book of Revelation and other books, such as Isaiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel. The imagery in some passages will be a little obscure and not easy to understand while others should be crystal clear.

Right now, strong angels are “holding up” the four corners of the earth (Revelation 7:1) and these Beings have incredible power to save life or to destroy it. Yes, I know the earth isn’t flat or square but yet today, we still speak of the corners of the earth and the four main directions of the compass. It will not be that much longer before the four angels are given permission to unleash further destruction upon mankind, including upon the Cruella de Vil’s of our society.

We’re shaped by everything that happens to us. My thoughts on anything mildly controversial are better received on Medium, in spite of the risks attached to that platform. There, most people don’t expect me to write only with a Pollyanna outlook which is what my blog followers prefer, if asked. But there is too much of “I’m right and you’re wrong,” on all political sides.

I’ve been called a cynic but I’m actually a realist, even if pollyannas have more fun getting to the same destination. My rose-colored glasses through which I once viewed the USA have been dropped in the mud, stepped on, and smashed on the concrete many times over decades. God brought me here for a reason but few others were happy about it. I have lost all illusions about achieving the modest goals I originally set, even before arrival here. Fortunately, good and kind people still exist in this country or God would have destroyed it completely by now.

In these times, the good and kind are outnumbered by, let’s see: the selfish, the greedy, the arrogant, the ignorant, the stupid, the naïve, the spiteful, and the evil. This is exactly what Satan wants to see happen. What his followers can’t grasp is that he will leave them in the lurch, with nothing to show for their wasted time and efforts but despair and bewilderment. For their remorseless cruelty and depravity, and for their incessant trouble-making, there is a place reserved just for them throughout eternity.

The Despair of the Good

The despair of the good in this world over how to feed their families and keep them sheltered is turning to terror as our society crumbles. Even those with deep religious convictions find their Faith tested as never before. Some of our friends and family members are turning to bizarre behavior as a way to cope with the unrelenting acute stress that is becoming toxic. The rest of us cling to our covenants with God for protection from the chaos.

In severe cases, meeting with a competent therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist may be very helpful but they are not always easy to locate. Even if we are fortunate to find one, more than ever, we need to pray daily. It is our direct line to the Divine to thank Him for our blessings and to ask for help with what we need to get by for another day or another week.

As never before, congregations are divided over political issues, petty mandates from petty local and national tyrants, and a refusal to recognize the reality around them. Members carefully seek reassurance and understanding from just a cluster of friends because they no longer dare to open up their feelings to the entire assembly. The feeling of comfortable companionship is largely gone, as people regard each other with suspicion. Have you become one of them? Were you always one of them?

This is incredibly sad, coming about in part because a medical issue became a political football. Not to mention the profound sins of the fathers being visited upon their unknowing children for many generations. None of this ever should have been allowed to happen but those given a little authority immediately begin to abuse it. They simply cannot resist the lure of power, becoming filled with overweening pride and hatred for those “beneath” them.  Hubris is always their downfall.

Let’s not ever get caught in the pride cycle. God needs us for better things.

Disclaimer: My blog posts are statements of opinion only. I am not in the business of giving financial, legal, medical, or any other type of advice. See Terms of Use and Disclaimer for further disclaimers.

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