It’s the 4th of July again…

Some of the graves at Miramar National CemeteryIt’s the 4th of July in the USA and everywhere else.

After so much tragedy and pain already in 2016, it can be difficult to remember that we’ve actually reached another milestone holiday for the USA this year. But we are here, we are surviving, and we’re fighting mad!

We are even anxious to meet head-on and overcome the evil in the world; we’re eager to do our part to stand up for what’s right. Our servicemen and women are in the front lines of that attack and often pay a heavy price – being forward-deployed over and over again – for answering the call to duty. Another example of being forward-deployed is the U.S. 7th Fleet based in Yokosuka, Japan. Yet civilians are capable of doing much to back them up here at home. As police tell us repeatedly: If you see something, say something.

True U.S. citizens will do what it takes to protect our freedoms. For the physically strong this often means, Go ahead! Make my day! For the rest of us, we use whatever means we have available, small or great, to kick Satan in the gut at every opportunity. Not to do so is unthinkable, even when doing so releases clouds of blackness into our lives, the way a 40-foot giant squid squirts ink to escape perceived predators.

For those who consider Satan to be imaginary, he is not. He exerts his unholy influence on everyone who forgets to think for themselves, every person of every nation who has lost their conscience – the Light of Christ – which everyone in the world is born with. Everyone. Each act for good disarms one of his minions.

Many of us grew up being bullied in the schoolyard. We will not now be told by other bullies what we can and cannot do. This applies to all aspects of our lives, not just to those obvious enemies of our nation. Sometimes the enemy within is a greater threat than people are willing to recognize. Malfeasance in office is so widespread as to be the norm these days, yet honest men and women keep trying to uphold correct principles. This is true even when there is little so-called leadership to set the example.

We can be more compassionate toward the innocent, especially women and children, caught in the webs of evil men—at home and abroad—who don’t know what it is to make their own choices. Let’s help give them a chance at leading lives mostly free of fear, the way our own lives used to be. And the way they will be again, if we remain vigilant.

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