Mama Said…

When Mama opined there’d be days like this, sometimes she nailed it! Other times she really had no idea what we’d be dealing with today. Our world is so far removed from the one she (and every mother of my generation) grew up in.

Even so, dealing with a spouse or significant other who’s facing temptations as base as those of ancient Herculaneum, or trying to bolster a teen bombarded with worldly vulgarity and suggestiveness means we have “days like this” by the score. Our boys are being attacked almost as often as our girls are, so Moms and most Dads tend to be on Red Alert 24 hours a day, protecting our lambs against ravening wolves.

That said it’s easy to be brave where there is no danger. It’s easy to be patient where there is no irritation. The trick is to recognize danger before it strikes, and to bridle irritation before it unseats us.

With our society spiraling into a deep morass, we fight harder on a daily basis to stay away from the muck and the stench. God bless those parents who set standards of morality and teach their kids to stay within the boundaries. Morals are taught in the home, not in our schools where some of the nastiest vipers manage to lurk until reported and dragged out.

We also deal daily with more than a few employers who have always tried to abuse workers, especially those who are women. The disgusting attitude and behavior of some of the latest politicians are really not new either. The difference is both the bravery of women who shove back and the brazenness of bullies’ boasting.

There are indeed days when we’ve had it with our frustrating circumstances, our drunken neighbors, our apathetic coworkers, and the generic dingbats in our lives. But when we think about our higher purpose in life and the many genuinely good people in it, we’re able to muscle our way through those bad times. The brain is an organ that controls all muscles, so we can bring it into play at any time. (It is also referred to as the muscle of thinking.)

When the world is piling on and we’re ready to scream at one more provocation, “Mama said…” comes readily to mind, even when Mama actually didn’t know.

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