Most People Are Amazing!

Even in the middle of swirling chaos, our world is full of amazingly kind people. Their overflowing hearts are so huge they come close to crushing the actions of jerks, idiots, and the flat-out evil people.

Big-hearted folks can’t completely neutralize the horrible things perverts do to other people, God’s creatures, and our long-suffering environment, but I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of righteous indignation. There is very little more powerful in this world.

Just watch the news on TV or the Internet right after any of our endless natural or man-caused disasters. First responders are on the spot ASAP, putting their lives on the line for victims. This includes peace officers trying to rescue people from burning homes when they don’t have the right training or any protective gear at all.

Yet official first responders can’t be everywhere at once. Not even the heroic fire department can spread themselves so thin. Often it’s neighbors and/or strangers who risk their lives rescuing others in their neighborhoods when a crisis erupts. And then, if they couldn’t get to them earlier, they go back to gather as many companion animals and livestock as they can approach without panicking them further.

Whether it’s record-breaking flash flooding and mudslides, earthquakes in fragile historical communities, savage wildfires consuming thousands of acres, illegal and unlicensed drivers causing terrible highway crashes, people are there to help! And then our charities – official or otherwise – step in with food and water, staffing shelters for people and animals, and providing temporary housing. Our cash donations to worthy charities do so much good when and where it’s needed the most. We don’t donate to scam outfits, and the occasional rotten apple in a good organization is dealt with swiftly.

Those who steal from the collections for Toys for Tots,  Stuff-A-Truck and Spark of Love will not escape the bad karma that follows them on the earth, not unless they make restoration and never steal again. Nor will those who gouge disaster victims by charging outrageous prices for necessities and for motel rooms, such as a $66/night room being rented for $289/night or some other ridiculous amount. Gougers at any time will not profit going forward. Cheaters only seem to prosper and then they come crashing down.

But wonderful people do wonderful things. They help rescue people, even when they have no home themselves, as well as their injured or terrified animals. Then they care for them till the owners can be found or a rescue organization is located. They do this even when others have chased the animals away.

Always look for the helpers. Our world is full of amazingly kind people.

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