Between the Spaces of A Writer’s Life

Front cover of Between the Spaces of a Writer's Life

Between the Spaces of A Writer’s Life collects just some of my personal reflections on the everyday human condition. I’ve tried to retain a sense of humor where it is appropriate! Humor is what keeps most of us going. However, you will recognize those individuals who lie around like rocks, either expecting to be waited on hand and foot, or using their arrogance to annoy and bully others.

Expect nods and chuckles as you recognize the same experiences in your own life or the lives of family members and friends. In the middle of it all, we deal with the ongoing maintenance chores of life, and push back when someone does not give the proper service, or worse, starts to act as if he/she owns us. It’s our job to pay attention, to throw up an arm in our own defense, and to step in and fight for others where there is any hope of not making things worse for them. Even then, we are obligated to speak up or act in some way on their behalf. The smallest kind gesture can lift their spirits and give them the courage to go on.

Life is full of challenges and frustrations to be resolved. I’m not a Pollyanna and know that sometimes we must wait for karma to catch up with the offenders. Retribution is the first law of the universe, after all. And should you have reason not to believe this now, stick around!

“I have never written a review until now. Why you might ask; because I never really felt that one small voice could make a difference. After reading Between the Spaces of A Writer’s Life I feel that it is time to start adding my voice to make a difference. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. In the book it was fun to find out I am not alone in the world when certain things happen to me. It really does happen to other people too.”  Steve

“I liked the author’s personal narrative about life. It was funny and real at the same time. Being a writer, I got a lot of inspiration when she mentioned to never think that your voice isn’t worth learning. I also needed to remember that it isn’t too late to make a change, to make the best use of my time, and to get rid of needless distractions.” Clif