Discoveries: A Journey Through Life

Front cover of Discoveries: A Journey Through Life
Discoveries: A Journey Through Life

Like the flash and dart of dragonflies, other busy lives surround ours as we prance unaware through our own world.  Whether describing the mountains, countryside, coast or town, Shirley Ann Parker is a visual, humane writer with a delightful sense of humor. Each absorbing story portrays a powerful sense of place, even when life’s smaller crises are held up to the light. It is the everyday challenges that define us, after all.  From the joys and exasperations of daily living to magical realism, from Old Man Shever to The Refuge, these 17 stories weave a colorful tapestry of life’s discoveries. “Discoveries….A Journey Through Life in 17 stories is about everyday challenges and magical moments…Come join this British-born author as she holds our foibles and flaws up to the warming light of wry humor, under the compassionate glow of understanding our frailties, and the heart-wrenching sorrows and magical joys we all encounter…. Seventeen curious stories, interesting perspectives with outcomes both redemptive and possible. Shirley Ann Parker definitely has an ear for dialogue, and a charming turn of phrase.”  Rebeccas’s Reads

“Highly recommended reading for anyone who enjoys a well crafted work of literary skill, Discoveries: A Journey Through Life is an engaging anthology of seventeen original short stories by Shirley Ann Parker about the everyday challenges, joys, and frustrations of the wonder and miracle that is daily life. The tales share common themes of family, friendship, humor, and a sense of wonder in this pleasant and delightful collection. A superb and original story teller, Parker exhibits a gift for evoking both the pleasures and imperfections of ordinary life with an extraordinary imaginative talent.”

 Midwest Book Review

Interview with the author

The author at a San Diego Writers Conference
Authors left to right: John D. Wolf, Pauline Hager, Shirley Ann Parker, Linda Meckler, at a San Diego Writers Conference