No White Supremacists Needed Here


Anyone who truly believes or even hopes the highest levels of Heaven are reserved for white supremacists needs to start modifying that opinion ASAP. It simply isn’t true.

God loves His children equally even when they behave like the foul-mouthed bullies that so many of them are. But He will never, ever tolerate abuse of any of His children by His other kids, or vaunt one race of people over another!

We all need to stop supporting those whose hearts are focused entirely on themselves and their own abject “superiority”. No one has ever made it through this life just on their own efforts and they never will. Sorry, Did It My Way fans. It takes all of us helping each other, and yes, sometimes that even means taking advantage of often-despised government programs.

Why some of us now think that anyone who doesn’t look or act like us isn’t deserving of a hand-up or the opportunity to fully participate in this nation is incomprehensible to me. When individuals put forth effort, we need to match it to the extent we can, though they shouldn’t automatically take over our jobs at a lower wage! To whom much is given, much is expected, but we need to remember the word fairness.

Personally, I got through university on an academic scholarship AND a student loan, which I paid back. But that was before the days of exorbitant costs and worse interest rates. I couldn’t afford it today, still not having a wealthy family to support me. And that’s just wrong. The non-elite deserve an education, too, and probably make better use of it than the many brats who go to college to get drunk, take drugs, and play.

As a Legal Immigrant

As a legal immigrant, I struggled in a nation that actually had room for me and millions of others. Many nations don’t have room for even carefully screened immigrants or refugees and their lifestyle has suffered enormously. Their ships of state have been sinking and millions of their native-born have drowned economically and continue to do so. In the United States, we can do better than that, but only if we remember who gave us this land in the first place. If we continue to give no place to God in our lives, it will be all over but the shouting, as they say.

As a legal immigrant, life has often been very hard and I was not always treated humanely, especially in the highly insular breadbasket of this nation and in the mountain states. I was happy to move to the West Coast where most people may be liberal to a fault. At least here, the remaining closed minds don’t usually have to be pried apart with a can opener. Only when new conventions are in violation of God’s laws can anyone remotely justify keeping their minds firmly closed, regardless of exhortations to the contrary.


The famed artists of ages past had patrons. For better or worse, athletes and entrepreneurs today have sponsors. Why should a woman, including the immigrant or the so-called low-born, have their way hedged up by the “haves” who despise those they consider inferior? Or by the bigots who think women, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor should be kept out of the sunshine and flowers, and preferably, out of sight altogether? Or by raging, vulgar, ignorant men who still treat women as only good for one thing – sex – and can’t even approach that subject correctly, let alone with some semblance of respect?

If Heaven at its many levels is to be for all, and because of the Atonement of our Savior, it is – down to the basest levels of humanity who repent – then we need to do our part to fight evil. It may be dumped on us by a corrupt system, or by complacency, or by the total ineptness of past and current leaders.


I am heartsick for our diverse people (especially our sick, elderly, and disabled), for our nation, for our environment, and for our wildlife. It is all being destroyed by greed, voter complacency, and an archaic system that allowed an ignorant, crass, deeply flawed misogynist to be elected against the will of the people. As for a bumbling FBI, they have been anti-Democrat since the days of the Kennedy brothers and Dr. Martin Luther King, probably earlier than that. J. Edgar Hoover hated them all.

It’s true the President-elect has shaken Washington, DC to its core, along with both out-of-touch political parties, but when he rolls back the laws protecting the consumer in the financial market place, then will the wailing begin in earnest. And this is only the beginning of tears. The fight has barely begun, and we will be on our knees, pleading to the Father of us all for guidance and deliverance.

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