Skipped right past August and September, that’s for sure, but editing books can keep a person very busy now and then. 🙂 Even so, things happen (or not) for a reason, and I’m not the one in charge of the world. Thank goodness, I might add! There’d probably be a lot fewer people in the bottom of the gene pool, if I were the decision maker on that. God has quite the sense of humor, as well as loads of patience, to put up with some of His offspring the way He does right now.

I wanted to let everyone know about a brand new website for authors, writers and readers, it is  It presents fantastic opportunities to find new books to buy, and to post your own writing. Please check it out, make sure it’s still around, and join. I try to keep links current but stuff happens. There’s no fee and the site is open to everyone who is trying to write well. (Do us all a favor and don’t try posting garbage. The wonderful folks who’ve spent thousands of dollars setting this up for us deserve the best from all of us.)

When you visit, you’ve got a real treat in store! You’ll see the direction that publishing is headed and be able to ride that wave instead of getting swamped by it. Go there now. I’m not being trite when I say, “You’ll be glad you did!”

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