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Look no further. You have indeed found it here. For more than 16 years, *ABC Electronics Corporation, based in Gardena, California, has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering electronic equipment that includes elite digital multimedia, post production and audio production solutions for video and audio professionals. These professionals are people like you: people who demand the most from their digital audio equipment; people who expect the robust performance, superb engineering and absolute reliability provided by ABC products.

Compatible with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000, ABC digital audio adapters can do for you and your company what more than 120,000 ABC soundcards have been unflinchingly doing in multimedia workstations and digital audio applications around the globe. Working environments range from Nielsen Media Research, 911 communications centers, aircraft and railway training simulators to Internet streaming audio and the […..] Resort in Las Vegas. Professional solutions for the demanding rigors of audio production environments began, from 1996 onwards, with the ABC flagship line, the highly-rated StudioCard Series. With their studio-quality, 20-bit sound, and post production-oriented features, these soundcards are widely accepted for professional PC digital video applications. Many major industry leaders deeply respect the integrity of ABC technological wizardry; such corporations include DMX, Intergraph, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. This respect is awarded on the basis of product performance and as such, is greatly valued at ABC.

The ABC Broadcaster Series, introduced in 1998, is the industry’s most advanced and feature-rich soundcard available for OEM and broadcast applications. OEM customers who rely on individualized attention (i.e. customized solutions) include Allied Signal, Bloomberg Financial, DMX Music, Lockheed, Muzak, NCR, and Tektronix. And why do they place such confidence with ABC? One reason is that the Broadcaster transforms an off-the-shelf PC into a powerful audio production tool. As far back as 1986, the digital audio boards produced by ABC were among the first in the world to provide the then-unthinkable – CD-quality sound for personal computers. That legacy continues today.

Further, because the international business community now places a premium on ISO standards, ABC has enhanced its already-solid reputation by having gained official ISO-9001 Certification in 1997 through the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). Now well-situated for international growth, the ABC product line is poised for significant increase in its world leadership position in multimedia, post production and audio production equipment – whose premium professional lines will continue to provide you with the highest quality available in the field.

(*Corporate name changed.)
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