Still Alive

Yes, I’m still alive! In between life’s endless challenges, I’ve been taking copywriting courses. That’s copy-writing which has nothing at all to do with copy-righting. You can look it up if you’re confused.

I also took on putting together a monthly newsletter for our congregation, which has been and is a whole lot of fun and has saved much of my sanity! However, since the newsletter isn’t a throwaway gossip rag, it’s quite amazing how much work it is. Herding cats comes to mind when working with volunteers! And then getting folks to drop something useful or interesting or faith-building or just plain fun in front of me, instead of dead birds, traumatized lizards, or fur-balls is its own challenge. Just kidding….

I’ve greatly missed my blog, so will be posting on a regular basis now after I take care of some housecleaning chores. This includes figuring out with millions of other users just what Facebook’s rules are now for linking to blog posts. And more so, learning the new Gutenberg version of WordPress, though it still has bugs. Never a dull moment with blogging!

If you happen to be of the mindset trumpeted by some blog mentors – that a blog post of less than 500 words is just “noise” – you will have the occasional annoyance from me to put up with again. If it ain’t worth 600–1,000+ words, it ain’t getting’ 600-1,000+ words! Length does not dictate whether something is worth saying or reading. (Check out Proverbs or Ecclesiastes for examples of what I mean.)

Also, if you’re looking for my blog posts or articles on Medium or Quora, you won’t find them, for reasons that will become obvious after you read some of what’s already there. For starters, Medium has a lot of foul language, even from supposedly educated people who didn’t get the memo about English 101, let alone 102 or 103. Don’t waste your money. You can get all the bad language you want for free in lots of other places on the Internet. Ditto for political diatribes. And Quora has recently allowed filthy writing to appear. Curation seems pretty lax on both platforms, but if the lack of it is what rings your chimes, go for it. Carbolic soap for your brain might be useful after a visit though. Hacking doesn’t seem an acceptable explanation for what’s been appearing on those websites.

No matter what, I hope to be up and running again soon.

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