Some days I wake up thinking we’re all living in a comic strip where nothing’s the least bit amusing. I hear heavy military planes flying overhead during early morning hours. Not too surprising considering we have multiple bases in Southern California but it’s been a very long time since there were so many, and there are no airshows currently scheduled because of COVID-19.

We are surrounded by trolls, zombies and dingbats, with heavily armed “secret police” invading our cities without invitation of local authorities. The Insurrection Act of 1807 provides a narrow “statutory exception” to the later Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and has very strict terms for sending federal troops into a state. These include that the President of the United States must first publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.  However, that is far from the only requirement.

Frankly, since what’s on the horizon is far worse than what we’ve seen so far (except by futuristic novelists), I’m more than ready to go Home. Even Tron wasn’t this bad, although we need freedom fighters now more than ever. This world – our nation – has lost its mind. We’ve been betrayed by our government at all levels, from the top down, by mindless, greedy politicians, by the ignorant, the spiteful, the lewd, the insane, and more. Yet the world needs us to stand and fight evil and tyranny on all sides like never before. We need to join hands with people of all creeds and all colors, so that the extremists on any side cannot take over.

While Love is the strongest emotion and can eventually overcome all else, Betrayal is the most devastating, bar none. And if you don’t think so, your time’s still coming. To be betrayed by someone you trusted to have your best interests at heart is a real slam in the gut. It can be your government, your employer, a spiritual leader, a medical professional, a teacher, someone you thought was a dear friend, someone who blabs everything, including your deepest confidences, to other people. The pain is as endless as the list of people who can stick it to you.

Betrayal trauma is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is as disastrous as it gets because it involves intimate relationships. The resulting stress can be so bad that it severely damages your physical health, as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

Other betrayals affect every single one of us:


  • The COVID-19 pandemic was horribly mismanaged, even before it reached our shores. We had a team studying pandemics who could have issued early warnings but they’d been dismissed as a waste of time and money. We are still ignoring science while at the same time, allowing so-called leadership to impose restrictions on our lives that make no sense, along with the very few that do make sense.
  • We as a people are largely ignoring the restrictions that do make sense. We don’t wear masks to slow the spread of the disease because they make us sweaty and itchy (and boy, do they ever if you choose or buy the wrong fabric).
  • And worse than that, they’re taking away our freedoms, by golly. I’m sure the ancient Israelites felt the same way about having to do something as silly and as simple as looking upon a brazen serpent to be healed from the poisonous bites of real-life fiery serpents. (Numbers 21:8)

Assembly Bill 5 (AB5)

  • We can no longer work as freelancers in the myopic state of California (now transforming into aka Commiefornia). And don’t forget – anyone who engages a California freelancer, even if located outside of the state is hit with heavy fines, up to $25,000 per instance. Nor can an out-of-state freelancer work for a California company on a 1099 basis.  State auditors have already begun wasting $21 million of taxpayers’ money to go clear back to 2017 with their unneeded snooping.
  • Corruption abounds, as everywhere else:
    • A supposedly educated but still ignorant politician allowed herself to be bribed into hurriedly pushing legislation that has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of millions of freelancers in this state, along with those who could not engage us for even an hour without making us a W-2 employee.
    • Our Governor Gavin Newsom signed this short-sighted, mean-spirited, largely unread Bill (AB5) into law, effective January 1, 2020 and refused to even suspend it during the pandemic. He has shot himself in both feet now, since there’s profound unhappiness with his attitude toward keeping all churches closed while demonstrations and other large venues are open. Personally, I think his advisers are probably atheists.
  • Researchers involved with Freelancers Against AB5 have uncovered so much evil, plus they found Governor Jerry Brown had passed The Employee Misclassification Act (SB 459) in 2011 that already deals with misclassification of employees. He also signed The Wage Theft Protection Act (SB 469) in the same year. So many reasons are shouting that draconian AB5 wasn’t needed.

Stopgap measures to exempt this group and that group won’t work. There are probably 200 categories of workers impacted, people who have to work their own schedules, to fit in with their unique family situations. Those grounds include health issues and/or caring for terminally ill relatives and young children, plus many additional legitimate personal reasons. We need a full repeal of AB5 immediately!

Be aware that the federal version known as ProACT would ruin our entire nation. Please email your state and federal legislators and let them know how this crushing legislation will impact you and yours and the state and country. Of course, that is what the enemies of freedom want but we can’t allow them to win.

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