Ten Things to be Grateful for – Part 2

I make no pretense of being all things to all people. God Bless Us all in this joyous Christmas season! And so to my final five things to be grateful for:

Comprehending that a dear friend in San Diego area, who only gets TV news from The Weather Channel, is far less stressed about the world outside than I am (though not as well-informed), and it shows in their household’s behavior and demeanor.

Receiving unusual amounts of rainfall since our sprinkler system broke 2 months ago and super-busy friends have not yet had time to help us with it.

Due to various retailers’ discounts, being able to stretch a holiday club savings account (that earned 27 cents in interest) much farther than I could have expected to cover “necessity” purchases. Necessity now includes buying some items from Walmart, including a backpack to start rebuilding my 72-hour emergency kit.

Finding an interactive church music player online so I can start relearning my choir alto part without a piano in our home. Perhaps your church has one on their own website or a friend can record your notes for you. It takes practice to tune your ear to a non-melody part.

Having an “absent father-stepson” reconnect with his children overseas after we learned the grandson is apparently dying, and enabling their stunned communication.  Brownie points in heaven for that one.

With that kind of attitude of gratitude, I can begin 2011 on a note of confidence after all! Happy New Year!

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