They’re Still at It…

Do I have a foolish vendetta on my hands? Or do vigilantes just never quit their misplaced snooping?

Three more events have happened recently, which lead me to believe there is more going on that I don’t observe because I’m too busy working full-time or completing homework assignments, or, good grief, I actually have the nerve to go run errands now and then!

First, a neighbor woman marched right up my driveway to the front door to inspect my dying lawn. By the time I got to the front door myself to yell at her, she was running back across the street, waving a camera! Does she think I’m stupid? Or is she a quart low?

Second, two women walked down the sidewalk and stopped in front of my very ordinary house to take pictures of it. Are my 9” house numbers large enough for you, dearies? Or could you not read the house numbers on the curb? My house is not listed for sale, nor will it be any time soon. But one woman may have been one of the less-astute real estate agents in civilian clothes. She was sloppily dressed but celebrities aside, faces don’t change that much, even without make-up.

Third, a middle-aged man was walking down the middle of the street in the early evening. When I turned around, it was fairly obvious he’d been taking photos of me from behind while I was legally hand-watering my front yard. For the first time in two weeks, I might add, due to heavy rainstorms earlier. He picked up the clip and kept going when he saw he’d been caught.

I guess that’s how he gets his jollies but he’s another gutless wonder, of course, though he could also try it in the middle of the night when a lot of neighbors have their sprinklers go off. Of course, walking down the middle of our near-blind horseshoe-curve streets even in broad daylight is one of the best ways of getting yourself killed, given the way some of the neighbors drive. Sometimes, dummkopfs need to be protected from themselves.

The world is full of asinine people and we do our best to get along with them or ignore them. For a number of reasons, the time isn’t right yet for me to move to another community, and I could find more of the same bizarre behavior elsewhere anyway. In the meantime I’m not paranoid or looking for something to do with my time. Far from it. Suspicious behavior should generally be reported, in the event people are casing the joint, but do leave innocent people alone. They just might have friends in High places.

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