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The fullness of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. is behind us, along with the recognition that as always, not everyone had enough, if any, food to eat on that day. It is sincerely hoped that those who suffer will be filled from the hearts of the thousands who are still donating canned goods, along with the markets who provide surplus produce. When we all share, there is enough for all who want to eat.

The logistics of getting nutrition to those in need are sometimes the challenge, but experienced community leaders usually have it figured out. Let’s be generous and give real food, especially canned proteins, when we can. And especially, let’s not donate expired food from the back of our cupboards, or cans of olives and sardines. If you didn’t eat that unappetizing stuff, the poor don’t want it either!

The storms that lashed and pummeled our nation over Thanksgiving week caused havoc on the highways, left countless thousands stranded at airports, and opened up leaking roofs in homes. Few places had sunshine, unless it had to be shared with alligators. Protected species or not, I’m not sharing my patio with those Cretaceous guys and gals!

In spite of miserable weather, millions of people jumped right out onto soggy or freezing sidewalks and parking lots on Thanksgiving night to be in line for Black Friday sales. Most people I know personally avoided that stupidity and danger to their health. Instead, they burned up the Internet and spent too much money there. I’d like to think those with disposable income supported Small Business Saturday as well.

And then came Cyber Monday and Cyber Week, where folks could run up even higher bills if they’d forgotten to keep track of their spending. Giving Tuesday may have had fewer supporters this year, though the legitimate charities desperately needed and still need our help. For many, as the wag noted, Tuesday has become looking for a Second Job Tuesday to pay for all the expenditures.

Amazon deliveries have been busier than ever in our neighborhood. USPS carriers have been loaded down. FedEx and UPS drivers are working long hours even as the holiday shopping launches the season, with the latter delivering till 9 p.m. here. From my own experience, if it’s on the truck, UPS delivers it.

Other Events for December 5th

December 5th is an interesting day. First, it’s International Ninja Day. For those of you who remember the tongue-in-cheek start of the Ninja Burger, there’s lots of fun for devotees, with additional information on Wikipedia.

December 5th is also National Repeal Day, specifically the repeal of Prohibition and the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which had banned the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages (but not the consumption) as of January 17, 1920. Ratification of the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment on December 5, 1933. Read more at

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