To Those Who Snoop and Spy on the Innocent

This open letter may sound a little contentious and most of us know contention comes from the father of all lies, that is, Satan. But I’m not a doormat and won’t act like one. In this case, I will not keep quiet and just practice patience.

I have something to say to those who are still harassing me and trying to ruin my life, along with the lives of others.

First, to the obvious but so-called government security guys who eavesdropped on my hour-long overseas calls from my ailing mother. She had already lived through WWII in Europe and your snooping behavior terrified her. We could sometimes hear you chewing gum, clinking coffee mugs and rustling paper. Now and then you even spoke to a cohort. And no, it wasn’t just crosstalk on the lines!

Mother is dead now and free from your torment but I’m glad you got bored out of your minds listening to her repeat herself every 5 minutes as her dementia deepened.

Second, to the low class creeps who think it’s cute to hack into someone’s computer, even when the means are in place to keep out higher class creeps. You could be part of several bumbling groups from my past, though I suspect you’re working for Dumb and Dumber.

Third, to the junkyard dogs out of San Diego. You were working for Capital One and it took 2-1/2 years before you gave up and decided I wasn’t the right Shirley Ann Parker that you just had to harass into handing over money I didn’t owe. I wasn’t that gal and owed nothing to Capital One. Yet I don’t think you ever really gave up. Your breed never does.

Fourth, to those who again sit watching my house for hours, try to get into my garage, and monitor everything I post on the Internet. We went through this 12+ years ago, remember? I’ve never had terrorist ties, just as I’ve never had ties to apostates from the LDS church.

Fifth, to the bumbling rent-a-cops who worked on behalf of a previous employer of mine. You know who you are. You followed me all over Corporate Pointe Business Park, including the ladies’ room and every trip I made outside for a breath of air. And God forbid I should take photos of the mallards with their baby ducklings!

Sixth, to the clowns who drove the black sedans from the government agency pools and followed me all over San Fernando Valley.  One of you also deliberately tried to T-bone my car when he shot out of a strip mall directly into my path. Your judgment day is pretty close when you have to explain to the Almighty just exactly what you were doing.

Have I made it sufficiently clear that none of you are as smart as you think you are? I hope so. Give it up!

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