Walk Tall in Your Authority

Walk tall in your authority might seem to be a directive aimed at women, since most guys are born with “authority” (at least as perceived by human beings) or a desire to take charge. And for some men, that’s a good thing. They are able to take over in any scenario without coming across as obnoxious.

We ladies sometimes have to learn what our abilities and self-worth are. At any age, it can be difficult to feel authoritative in some situations, depending on the number of blowhards (male or female) in the room. But even an old woman bowed with age or pain or grief can order an uninvited contractor off her property! And mean it. Git! No one needs an idiot poking at their stucco. If you could afford to fix it, it wouldn’t look like that, now would it? Does the guy think you’re stupid or what?

This isn’t to say that discretion isn’t sometimes the better option, especially if the contractor has an assistant/accomplice. Just slam the door in his (or her) face while he continues to rant on the doorstep. Eventually, he will run out of steam and go away, probably cursing under his breath but that’s his problem, not yours.

On a grander scale, even young girls can learn to walk tall in their authority, since it comes to them naturally as a daughter of God. At all ages, we just have to be reminded that we are in charge of ourselves and our lives, no matter the corruption of corporations and governments across the globe. We all have authority over the devil. We have power he will never have because he was cast out of Heaven for rebellion during the ante-mortal existence.

Satan continually tempts and deceives to get us to do things that are not right and things that may even be immensely evil. But we don’t have to listen and if we remember who we are, we will always win in the end. In fact, Satan has already lost. When Christ died on the cross for all of us, He destroyed Satan’s power. The devil knows that and is throwing ugly, horrific tantrums because this is his last hurrah. If Satan did have a physical body, he would be a pathetic, shriveled piece of garbage on the day he is finally crushed in this world.

Since we all (men and women) have power over the devil, how much more authority do we obviously have over other mortals who seek to annoy and destroy us because of their own agenda? We may choose the path of reticence, saving our righteous indignation for the larger battles of life. Or we may speak up whenever the occasion demands it. We are free to choose how we respond, though no one is ever free to choose the consequences of their decisions.

Walk tall in your authority, in the authority God gave you.

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