We All Crave Mercy

My articles elsewhere have been of a political nature lately, so I know most of you don’t read them. Heck, most of you Californians don’t even visit my Facebook page because you don’t want to know what’s going on right under our noses, “right here in River City”! Add to that, Facebook’s increasing censorship of and refusal to share any posts they don’t like, and any voice can be squelched.

Please wake up before things get any worse.

You have to pay attention whether you want to or not. Regardless of your particular political leanings, the truth is our freedoms are being snatched away from us on all sides. Don’t ever say I and many others haven’t tried to warn you!

Things are particularly bad in California right now because of Assembly Bill 5 that killed freelance work in ~300 categories. And now they’re going after the crafters with AB 3262. The latter has just now been shelved until next year, unless they call an extraordinary session, but the Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) crew will be back with it. Check out Freelancers Against AB5 on Facebook.

AB5’s cruel restrictions will go nationwide if Biden doesn’t listen to reason, assuming he’s elected. If that doesn’t go through, the ProACT legislation sitting in Congress will do the same thing. No one in this country will be able to work on a 1099 basis! No one will have the freedom to choose their own hours in order to care for family members, as just one example.

The Destruction of COVID-19

The lockdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic have already destroyed businesses in California and elsewhere:

  • Wearing masks…that I get. It slows the spread of the disease.
  • Classifying many of the wrong businesses as non-essential is unacceptable and will contribute to more protests and a crushed economy that will not recover any time soon.
  • Refusal to allow Houses of Worship to open, even on an extremely limited basis, just means so-called leadership shot themselves in the foot. Religious folks are very forgiving but we will not forever remain silent in the face of atheists. And we do have access to a Power far greater than yours.
  • The physical distancing is destroying us!
    • Psychologists have known for decades that lack of human touch completely warps a child’s development and the damage carries into adulthood. If you want current proof, look no further than the book by Trump’s niece!
    • The elderly in nursing homes don’t thrive for the same reason. They are starved for human touch. So, when we’re allowed to, please go visit a friend who is confined. In the meantime, send them a bright card and pray it will be delivered to them. (The Post Office also needs our support to survive its current unthinking leadership, as well as to protect the lives of those who depend on USPS for their medication and other essential needs.)
    • Those of us who fall somewhere between babyhood and debility also crave human touch, and even more than that, we crave mercy from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and from those who think they know us. Please don’t assume we’re ok because we’re capable, strong and independent (wo)men. We are dying inside.

Those Who Aren’t Like You

Loneliness was an epidemic in this country and throughout the world long before COVID-19 appeared on the scene. It is worse now and suicides are thought to be increasing, though discrete COVID-related data isn’t yet available. Do something, some little thing to brighten one someone’s day every day.

A personal example was when some dear friends of mine decorated a baby watermelon and brought it to my door for 4th of July this year. It also happened to be the anniversary of my husband’s passing. Simple acts of kindness during a pandemic leave deep impressions.

Don’t stop loving someone who has chosen a lifestyle completely outside your normal circle. Of course, if they’ve become violent, you owe it to yourself to protect yourself and your family. Distancing is sometimes the safe and sane thing to do. Yet you can and should still love them.

On the other hand, if you are that person who has chosen a less-conventional way of life, who has walked away from your church upbringing for any number of valid reasons (or are just “kicking against the pricks,” as cattle who are goaded – Acts 9:5), don’t abandon those who still love you!

Don’t break your mother’s heart. Or your father’s. Don’t walk away because you think you’re so far above another person that he or she would never understand you or meet your needs. (Would you even be beneficial to them or meet their needs?) That doesn’t mean you have to be around people who are literally toxic to your health, but use wisdom and display kindness.

Maybe not everyone has attained your level of success or even achieved your level of education just yet, or even aspires to, but you might be surprised at the strength and understanding of someone who could be light-years ahead of you emotionally or spiritually. You might also do irreparable harm to an empath while denying yourself years of happiness. Just don’t do it.

Unless God has called you Home, do not ever be the one responsible for leaving someone else’s heart in a hundred pieces. Show mercy.

Disclaimer: My blog posts are statements of opinion only. I am not in the business of giving financial, legal, medical, or any other type of advice. See Terms of Use and Disclaimer for further disclaimers.

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