We Only Have Today But…

There is so much we can do with today! We need to treasure all 24 hours, even if we’re being ripped regularly by people so mentally rigid that they might as well have a broomstick up their backsides. We need to count our blessings even when our lives are so exhausting that we sleep more than other people think is necessary. Hah, don’t we wish we could sleep for even a straight eight hours!?

We are not promised that tomorrow will come for us on this earth. We may awake in a far better place with no more worries, struggles or suffering, but then again, we might not like where we end up for many long years. Yesterday is past and cannot be changed. Terror attacks of all stripes happen everywhere. We don’t know when we might be in the wrong place at the wrong time, thanks to fanatics who are full of hatred for any and all who refuse to follow their version of “religion”.

God may love all His children but I think that Love may be a little thin in some instances. His arm is always outstretched for all to return to Him in heaven, but some sinners are beyond redemption because they will not repent of what they’ve done. They are blind with hatred and bigotry of their own choosing. [A possible exception is when uneducated villagers are recruited, lied to, and often drugged to carry out the demands of evil leaders.]

The Savior of the World’s Atonement that we have just celebrated generally extends only to the truly repentant and remorseful. Some say we should pray for terrorists but only that their hearts might be softened. Well, I suppose it won’t hurt to try.

The Savior’s Atonement for the sins of humanity gave us all the immense gift of immortality but I can’t imagine the future life of those who have condemned themselves to eons in Hell, regardless of your particular definition of it. I am quite sure that Hell, or the lowest of all kingdoms, is going to be a very crowded place.

I say that because there is other evil going on in the world and we need to hold our young ones tight and teach them right from wrong. Yes, even when we’ve made a few mistakes of our own along the way. Love them, cherish them and teach them. If you don’t teach them the right, other people will teach them the wrong, especially in our public school systems, where teachers’ hands are so often tied or teachers need to be let go.

Other Kinds of Evil

So what are the other kinds of evil? Some are quite obvious:

  • Young girls and boys fleeing abusive homes, only to end up on the streets and being kidnapped into even more evil – some are kidnapped right out of their own houses.
  • Other forms of torture of children, including emotional torture. This includes forcibly removing a foster child from a family she has bonded with for four years since she was a toddler.
    • Being 1/64-anything doesn’t automatically make you a member of that race or culture nor do you belong there, misguided laws notwithstanding. And in the case I’m thinking of, the “qualification” appears to be a STEP-great-grandfather which means there is no real relationship for the child to be taken away, let alone to a family that isn’t even Native American.
    • Applying this ridiculous “logic” to my family,  my step-great-grandchildren would have to be hauled off to live with MY relatives in England if something bad happens in their own families. Only the fact there is no equivalent law would prevent that.
    • I could be 1/64-Jewish or 1/64-Irish and I wouldn’t belong in either nationality or religion. 1/64 equals 1.5625%. I’m a Muggle, that’s all, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Unspeakable, disgusting abuse of animals that wracks our souls with horror. This crime alone will fill Hell with the perpetrators. We are supposed to be stewards of this earth and all of God’s creations, not wanton, vicious destroyers of either.

Other evil might not seem so obvious but it’s happening all around and we need to be vigilant to maintain our freedoms and keep our nation free. As our military brothers and sisters will tell you: Freedom isn’t free! Neither do we show them enough of the respect they deserve for putting their lives on the line, sometimes every day for decades.

Other deliberate crimes include:

  • Disobedience to the Ten Commandments that are as relevant today as when they were written – we cannot put other gods ahead of God. That is first and foremost, but it happens every day anyway.
  • Outright theft or embezzlement of other people’s money, especially pension plans and other retirement savings. Some of this is carried out by labor unions, the rest by corporations.
  • Running for political office when you are not qualified and never will be. When it appears we might have to choose between an arrogant, foul-mouthed, ignorant bully and a deceitful candidate with a hidden agenda who both think they can lead the most influential nation in the world, we can’t in good conscience vote for either one. We could try praying for them as well, but it might not be worth the effort even though the future of our nation is at risk.
  • And don’t get me started on those who file frivolous legal action that should never have seen the light of day. What a waste of everyone’s time and money, including the taxpayers.

There is so much we can do with today, so much good that the world needs. To roughly paraphrase what one of our local TV anchors said this week: “We love these stories of people helping others and wish we could bring you more of them. But we just don’t know about them.”

Big suggestion…send heartwarming stories into the TV stations when you are involved with them, know a neighbor who received needed help or a hero who rescued or rescues terrified animals. They may not run the stories but then again, they might. But don’t do it just to get a photo op or media attention for your organization. That’s underhanded and will backfire, especially in today’s unstable, firecracker world.

There is so much we can do with today, so much good that the world needs, even if we start by focusing on our own lives while trying to forge ahead to the next stage. Kindness rarely fails, but if it does, go on to the next hurting individual. We may only have today. Tomorrow is not promised.

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