Welcoming 2012

All together now: “All I want for Christmas is a root canal ….”

I seriously didn’t have any intention of celebrating the holidays with a two-stage root canal, but that’s what happened. Stage 1 happened a few days before Christmas and Stage 2 happened a couple of days before New Year’s. Having a double abscess under an improperly fitted replacement crown had done the trick. Apparently, the infection had been building all year, in spite of a return visit to have the crown worked on a second time. I’ll spare you further details but no, I didn’t go back to the previous dentist for treatment.

I guess that was The Goodbye to 2011, which had more than its share of trials. I haven’t been too excited about sticking my toe in the water of 2012 but it’s here now and, just like other authors, I’ll be writing and working on my website in spite of a host of challenges. There are plenty of people who will try to keep us from expressing our thoughts because the world fears the influence of the written word. I still think positive, uplifting writing does more good in the world than diatribes. However, there are times when speaking forthrightly is the only way to go.

Happy New Year!

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