What Do We Love Enough?

People will fight for and about a range of concerns, especially things they love. This includes family, freedom, their country or their monarch, their religion, even a cause they deem worthy or vital.

We Love Our Families

Any self-respecting husband or wife will fight for their spouse’s life, honor, well-being, and reputation. In cases where the spouse is already the eternal companion, the fight against the devil’s minions may be ferocious. And those attacking may find themselves wounded and flat on their keesters from the backlash.

Any decent parent will fight for their children, even when the courts and the welfare system get in the way, not to mention barely-ethical lawyers plying their trade under archaic, inhumane laws. Heck, they’ll fight even when the grandparents get in the way! Been there, done that. Sometimes, when it’s obvious the children are going to be torn in half by disparate lifestyles, it’s better for one side to relinquish the battle and let the other parent raise the children. For the most part, sharing responsibilities is better.

I’m very much aware that grandparents’ rights are a tender topic but sometimes they take it too far, causing one parent or both to move away when a job demands it, albeit in different directions. Even then, there is nothing more miserable than listening to grandma’s hour-long rants on the phone. And at no time does a grandparent have the moral right to take a child away from the father who wants it, just to adopt it out because their own of-age daughter is in no condition to care for the infant or toddler. Or worse, when the stigma of an illegitimate child is too embarrassing for the grandparents to handle, stuck as they are in the mindset of their 19th century hamlet. The father does not bear the iniquity of the son nor does the son bear the sins of the father (Ezekiel 18:20), though he may foolishly commit worse sins of his own.

We Love Our Country and Our Freedoms

In this endless, mindless political ramp-up for the 2016 U.S. elections, we are fighting for our country and for our freedoms, which have all been getting flushed down the toilet for decades now. It appears to many of the younger generation that politics are a stinking mess and they’d be right because they are. It’s all about who has the most money for bribery and paying back favors. And yet…and yet…we have to continue to volunteer for the polling stations, to vote, to fight for what we believe in because there is no other way for the nation to survive. And let’s remember the U.S.A. isn’t a democracy. It’s a republic.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Freedom of speech is at the top of our list of cherished freedoms but hate-filled speech is counter-productive. Even so, freedom of speech is under the greatest attack at this time.

We Love Our Religion

Whatever it may be, many millions of people love their religion and will fight and die for it. Unfortunately, the extremists on all sides allow no one to hold a different interpretation of God or no Deity at all. The early settlers of all religious stripes came here to escape persecution and promptly became embroiled in blood baths due to their own complete intolerance of those who didn’t believe the way they did. It’s easy to point to ignorance on their part but it’s still happening today. Witness the attacks on Christians and Jews worldwide. (LDS need look no further than the 11th Article of Faith to remember church doctrine and what should be practiced.)

We All Have a Cause We Would Fight For

We are enormously grateful to the many hundreds of thousands of people who care about our environment and the ugly ways in which some have polluted and destroyed it. Instead of being good stewards of the earth, humans have driven thousands of species to extinction without any valid reason. Whatever you think caused the destruction of the dinosaurs, it wasn’t the factories belching foul smoke that we deal with now. Or today’s indiscriminate use of deadly pesticides. Or the horrendous mess we have since made of our oceans. Add trophy hunting to that list and the shame is palpable. This is all entirely separate from natural extinction of a mere handful of species.

We may be passionate about eliminating the vile practice of human trafficking, stopping vicious child and elder abuse, rescuing horses and other animals from unspeakable conditions, or stamping out constant hunger. There are countless people and creatures crying out for help from those of us who have food to eat and a roof over our heads, no matter how slim the pickings might seem at times. Others care deeply about freeing wrongfully-convicted “felons” due to our criminal justice system that doesn’t always work properly, letting known criminals go free instead.

The good people of the world still far outnumber the scum. Those parents who tell their children to always look for the helpers after any tragedy are spot on.

What do you love enough to fight for?

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