What Do We Write in December?

It’s the time of year when we really have to make a concentrated effort to write anything not related to Christmas, or the holiday season! This includes our overseas Christmas cards. Half of them are done, but the other half require that at least a short letter be included, since they are going to relatives of an earlier generation.

It would be considered very rude of me not to include, with each of those cards, at least a half page of handwritten greetings and news. Given the age of the recipients, computer-generated news in a large, clear font would now be acceptable, too, since it is easier to read. And of course, dark ink is the only way to communicate. A flowery script font in red ink is cheerful but hard on the eyes, if there’s more than a short paragraph of it.

Next are the out-of-state cards and out-of-area cards. Those are not yet addressed or stamped. This year, I fear I will be one of those people adding to the last-minute burdens of postal employees. There is really no acceptable excuse for my tardiness, since I had all of October and November to get ready for these mailings.

But my mind has been elsewhere, already looking forward to 2006 and what it will and may bring. At the end of January, the San Diego State University’s 22nd Annual Writers’ Conference will be held. http://www.ces.sdsu.edu/writers/index.html

I’m trying to get together the funds to attend that one for the first time, so I hope and anticipate I will not be disappointed. It is preceded by Infinity Publishing’s West Coast Authors’ Conference on January 27 http://www.authorsconference.com

Both events will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at 7450 Hazard Center Drive. If you think you will attend, make sure you don’t go to the wrong Doubletree. It’s happened before.

I may be bringing my other blog over to authorsden.com, if they cannot resolve their technical difficulties in a more timely fashion. We will see what happens….

Best wishes to all for the holiday season!

P.S. If a Discoveries ad displays with a terrible looking cover, that is another problem…but one that Google is supposed to rectify. The cover in the bookstore at AuthorsDen is fine.

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