When Enough is Enough

US flag with an eagle flying in front of itAs our nation again stands stunned and numb at the pure venom of individuals, we wonder how much longer this kind of madness can continue. In our outrage we wonder: When is enough, Enough?

We may strongly disagree with a certain type of lifestyle and even dislike a particular individual or three, simply because we’re human and entitled to our own likes and dislikes. No group of personalities ever gets along on all subjects, anyway, not unless someone in the group is a doormat. (And in some abusive relationships, you’d better not speak up; just quietly plan your way out of it at the earliest opportunity.)

But we are not Gods and don’t have the right to unlawfully take that which we cannot give, namely, Life. Only under the rarest of circumstances does God tell anyone to deliberately seek out someone to murder. Outside of those once-in-an-era exceptions, we kill only to protect ourselves or others, or under orders of our respective governments who bear the responsibility of our actions. This goes up to the level of our Commander in Chief and his Cabinet. Otherwise we are acting as vigilantes, and vigilante justice always has horrible repercussions. Unfortunately, our woeful Justice system can encourage vigilante behavior, but we need to give it a chance to work.

It is said we die the way we live, and except for the victims of those who are deranged in some way, this is true. People who spend hours every day in our insane freeway traffic can be expected to die in a freeway car accident of some kind. Those who never venture onto the freeway won’t pass on in that way.

The scriptures state we will reap what we sow (Galatians 6:7). Yet it isn’t the place of any person to deliberately carry out any act of hatred upon another. The consequences of both good and bad behavior are set in motion the moment we make that first decision to act. We need only wait for our respective reward or our punishment to arrive. It’s on its way unless we change direction.

We currently face political insanity on all sides, turmoil that can bring down our government. We don’t yet know how it will play out but certainly, it’s time to tell our politicians enough is enough. Anyone may deal with a so-called pay-back attempt from hearts swollen with hate and brains shrunken by drugs and stupidity. Enough is enough there, too.

Do we wilt under the daily sarcasm and fault-finding of a perfectionist spouse? Is enough now enough? Are we getting ulcers and migraines because of an employer who treats customers well but micromanages and second-guesses its employees at almost every turn? Is enough, enough?

God uses whom and what he chooses to punish those who are breaking His laws, including the mistreatment of others. It may be an invading army, a devastating plague, or severe weather, often from man-made causes. Even then, we need to remember that the rain falls on the just and on the unjust (Matthew 5:45). The innocent may also be caught in His anger but will be accepted into His kingdom. Others will face stern judgement before a final decision is made.

When enough is enough, it’s time to act, time to petition for redress of our grievances, time to reclaim our rights, time to remedy so much that is wrong in our lives.

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