Why Can’t People See What’s Happening in Our Neighborhood?

Any first year Psychology student could quickly figure out what’s going on with parts of our neighborhood. People are so full of anger and frustration right now. They’re angry about Covid-19, punitive and illogical lockdowns, Assembly Bill 5, loss of the family business, loss of freelancer work, loss of income, period, or fanatics who have joined fringe groups to destroy our nation, everything you can imagine or invent.

These people, including my neighbors, have no outlet for their rage because no one is listening to them! The people (aka politicians) with ill-used power and authority want to retain it. So, give others an opportunity to become citizen informants and they’ll pounce on it!

The neighbors are currently venting their rage on someone and something they can see. “Look, she’s picked up the garden hose. She’s watering the lawn! We can’t let her get away with that.” Or, worse, “That grass is just too green. She’s using way too much water!”

It’s actually quite amazing what a little water can do when you’ve already put down a little fertilizer! Of course, there are strange totally bare patches from highly suspicious interference. And anyone who can’t smell steer manure from 20 yards away probably needs to see both an Infectious Diseases specialist and a shrink.

Such antsy little people would be better served by patrolling the neighborhoods from dusk till dawn every night. They might be surprised by how many sprinkler systems are running during the dark hours.

Of course, patrolling all night would be inconvenient, even dangerous, as innocent neighbors rebel at the violation of their privacy and the latest curfews, if reinstated. No one appreciates headlights sweeping past all night or shining into their living-rooms and bedrooms.

For your information, we’re in Phase 1 of the water conservation program. DWP told me that directly this week after consulting with their water conservation folks. Yard watering is permitted on specific days for your own side of the street before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. The regulations are here. If the water conservation folks aren’t driving one of those marked cars, they aren’t official in my book.

My message to the water vigilantes is this: Trundle your wheelbarrows of spite back into the sheds where they belong. And…MYOB.

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